Academy Cover

Academy of Medicine Tiered Sheets

E-valentine Cover


Dahlia Cover

Dahlia Pasta Background

Passport Fair

Passport Fair 2019

Map Journey Map

Marta Journey Map

Bear & Monkey

Bear & Monkey

Halloween Holla Concepts

Halloween Holla 2019 Concepts

Steamboat Ski Map

Steamboat Ski Map

Icon Set

Misc. Icon Set

Health Tips

Health Tips

RecFest 2019

RecFest 2019

MyBike Cover


Phone screen with a leaf


Campus Center Project Launch

Project Launch

Carnival Tshirt Concept

Carnival Tshirt Concept

Mountains silhouette


Drawing of a bluejay


Bear and monkey emojis

Custom Emojis

Extended Hours A

Extended Hours A

Extended HoursB

Extended Hours B

Orientation Letters

Orientation Letters Refresh

Extended Hours Tax

Tax Hours

Set of 5 icons

Icons for Critical Response Systems

Poster for the Georgia Tech Information Desk

Information Desk Poster

Drawing of an Asian Lung Dragon

Asian Lung Dragon

Drawing of a harpy


Curcuit board drawing


Drawing of mountains against a bright sun

Sunny Mountains

Aerial drawing of a neighborhood


Drawing of drooping flowers

Bell Flowers