The growing up process involves countless bruises and bumps simply as a result of learning how to control our bodies in a reasonable way. Teachtoy was designed with that in mind, aiming to (hopefully) minimize the amount of bruises kids get when they're learning about those fine motor control skills like balance. And as a bonus, they get to have fun and play games while learning!



Charlie Dabbs

Learning made fun!

Teachtoy was designed for pre-schoolers, around age 5, who are still learning the ins and outs of being a human being. Particularly, it's meant to help them with learning balance, with concentration and focus as a bonus.


The creation of TeachToy started with desktop research to find out what kids need to learn when they're 5-ish years old and to see what was already out there. From there, it was sketching and prototyping until the final form developed.


Friendly Design

Teachtoy features rounded edges and a LED ring around the outside. It also has a rubber-coated bottom and textured surfaces to help prevent slipping while in-use!


Learn & Play

The goal of Teachtoy is primarily to have fun, but it also serves as a learning tool for kids who need help refining their motor control skills, especially balance.



Teachtoy comes in multiple colors to help match kids' equally vibrant and varied personalities!