Shoes combine packaging, branding, personal style and comfort in a unique way. Unboxing and wearing a fresh pair of shoes is a unique and fantastic feeling, assuming they fit. Zephyr looks at this unboxing experience from a different angle; what if, when you got your new pair of shoes, you got to put them together?



Charlie Dabbs

Made for you, by you.

Zephyr is a shoe that is designed to be laser cut and shipped in flat packaging to whoever wants a pair. They are made from soft felt and are comfortable; think of them like slippers. The packaging for each pair of Zephyrs comes with a needle and enough thread to sew the shoe together with wiggle room for mistakes, as well as a small instruction card.


The process to make the final pair of Zephyr shoes involved sketching, measurements, body scanning, vector drawing, paper cutting, and lots of laser cutting. It started with moodboard and sketches, and went through multiple versions of the shoe to get it to a sweet spot of comfort and unique style. The result was a vector drawing of the laser cut pattern and a functioning felt model of a pair of Zephyrs.


Fun Experience

The unique packaging for Zephyrs brings a different experience to the table than simply opening a shoebox.



Soft felt and custom sizing makes Zephyr shoes perfect house slippers.


Easy Construction

Zephyrs come with all the materials need to sew them together so all that's needed is a little bit of time and a comfy chair.

Final Images